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Medical services tailored to your needs

Swiss Air-Ambulance specialises in worldwide medical evacuation, operating from its location in the very heart of Europe. Find out more about our services:

Swiss Air-Ambulance can organise and execute medical evacuations and medically escorted repatriations from virtually any country in the world. Our three Challenger 650 jets are used exclusively for ambulance flights and are fitted out as intensive-care units. Thanks to their spacious cabin and state-of-the-art equipment, they are also ideally suited for combining medical flights. As a result, up to four patients who are geographically close to each other can be transported together in a cost-saving and efficient manner.

Swiss Air-Ambulance’s three spacious ambulance jets are able to transport up to four stretcher patients per jet at the same time. The generous amount of space available has already proved its worth on many occasions during large-scale missions both in Switzerland and abroad. Swiss Air-Ambulance also has proven expertise in handling major medical incidents.

Swiss Air-Ambulance also gives assistance to international travellers whose medical problem can be dealt with locally. Our over 40 years of experience in in-travel emergency management is helpful when it comes to counselling travellers in distress. Addresses of nearby clinics, qualified doctors and air-ambulances can be very useful. Swiss Air-Ambulance doctors may also be contacted to give second opinions on specific clinical conditions and therapeutical procedures.

Swiss Air-Ambulance provides a highly professional bedside-to-bedside medical transport. A detailed preflight medical consultation with the patient's attending physician guarantees optimal preparation for the flight.

We also use our rescue helicopters, which are stationed at a total of twelve helicopter bases throughout Switzerland, to perform medical transports from and to every airport in Switzerland.

In addition to air transport, Swiss Air-Ambulance can organise ground ambulances, working together with experienced partner organisations all over the world.

Swiss Air-Ambulance is an ideal partner when it comes to flying reconnaissance teams to disaster areas, as well as transporting isolation units, incubators, transplantation teams, human organs, medicaments, antidotes, etc.